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Arena season 8

Some of the Phalanx members enjoy playing PvP combat once in awhile, however one of us actually managed to end up in the top 20 of our Battlegroup and therefor receive a Wrathfull mount and a title to go with it. Congratulations to Mohinder and his teammates Dragonkimber & Exeggutor for reaching the staggering rating of 2707 in their 3v3 team. (Incredible lame combo, i might add).

(Sorry for the blurry picture, i don’t know what’s wrong)

Phalanx interview: Fiido


A new interview today. Most of us will be pleased to just about read anything while staring at the loginscreen. I’m happy to tell you this is not just anything, it’s FIIIIDDDDDOOOO’s interview. Yesyes, one of the gnomes in Phalanx has honored us with this piece of literature. Withoud further ado, i give you Fiido!!

Ps: pictures will be added when the armory is off maintance again. Sorry for the troubles, until then i’ll add pictures i find on my PC!

The interview can be found here

Phalanx interview: Jeyne

Hello everyone!

It took awhile since the last interview but we are back with a new one featuring one of Phalanx’ most respected members. Jeyne, one of the older Phalanx members usualy is rather quiet but won’t be shy for a joke or adding some advise when discussing tactics. I honestly don’t know much more to say. Besides that he has a cool GF and looks horrible with a cooking-shirt.

I’ll let him do the talking!

The full interview can be found here!

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Phalanx interview: Moonweaver

Great news everyone! A week has passed since we explored the very depths of Keldorn’s physche and it’s time for a new person to share some information with us. This week i have the honor to present to you..Pigeo..Moonweaver! The guilds only Balance druid and lifetime “Noob of the Day”.

Discribing Moonweaver isn’t that hard. If you hear someone make silly comments on ventrillo, big chance it’s Moon. If you see someone make silly comments in raidchat, big chance it’s Moon. In general, if you see any silly jokes. It’s Moon! Other than that he’s a cheerfull fella, if you need a hand he’ll help you most of the time, as good as he can

Also i like his buffs. Let’s roll!

The full interview can like always be found here

Phalanx interview: Keldorn

Hello once more! Interview #2 has arrived and as requested we’ll be featuring Phalanx’s most famous Paladin: Keldorn also known as Kelporn

Traditionwise i’ll describe Keldorn: likes porn … and … all sorts of porn!

Nah, in all seriousness. Keldorn is probably one of the most optimistic persons in Phalanx, you’ll never hear him whine or complain, he’s allways ontop of things and can give you a push in the back when needed. Also worth mentioning that Keldorn is probably the most active raiding member in Phalanx with only missing 2 or 3 raids in … forever since i can remember! Anyways, we’ll get to business and to the actual reading. Have fun!

The interview can be found here!

Recruitment & Starcraft 2 Championship!

It’s time for another update on the situation.

With summer running on its last breath and Phalanx resuming its normal schedule we’re still looking to bolster our forces. Like always any exceptional application will be considered, but we’re specificly looking for Shamans of any kind! So if you like to play with sticks, have heroism and are able to  buff me, onwards to our recruitment forum! For any questions contact anyone of Phalanx ingame or on the forum and we’ll be happy to help you further.

Additionally, some of our players have recently started a Phalanx SC II competition. At the moment it’s still ongoing and i will let you know when we have a winner ( and a loser). We plan to host another competition later and take in outsiders, this is for the future and when the time comes you’ll be informed where and how to enter.

Phalanx interview: Flanks

Hello everyone! I’d like to introduce a new addition to the Phalanx website. I’ll be interviewing guildmembers in an attempt to dig out all the secrets, see who has the best english and offcourse to introduce them from a whole diffrent perspective. If you’re not a Phalanx member yet it’s a nice way to see what you’re getting yourself into…RUN!

That being said we’ll get right to business. Our first candidate is probably the most infamous and notorious member of Phalanx. Not a member? No problem, you’ll know him from trade chat claiming Gearscore > Skill, Warriors can own at range DPS and other stupidities. If you are you’ll know him as the ever sarcastic-happy-never-writing-mistakes warrior named Flanks (as the title might have given away).

The interview can be found here

Catalysm, summer and soccer!

Okay, it’s been awhile again! Due to summer being nice so far i slacked with the updates but here we are again!

I’ll start off with: I WAS RIGHT!!!! (with Spain winning the WC) … /cough

Secondly: we moved onto a summer schedule to allow everyone to enjoy  good weather, good food and friends/family! In addition, this will ensure that we are all rested and eager to preform all the better in the upcomming expansion. Phalanx will be ready!

This does not mean we aren’t recruiting, on the contrary! We are allways looking for new talent and thus this is an ideal time to apply to Phalanx, you get to know everyone in a relaxed environment and adjust to us before the battle resumes. So if you think you’ve got what it takes to raid with an expirienced and progressive minded raiding squad, Phalanx is the place to be for you. Apply today and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Flanks: First warlock ingame to get Shadowmourne!

This is probably the most late post ever but still worth mentioning! The 5th of July our dearly beloved Flanks received the guilds second Shadowmourne. Following tradition he gets his moment of glory on the frontpage! Congratualtions Flanks and thanks everyone who helped not only with this but all progress made by Phalanx!

Ps: Yes that is Flanks’ personal trained felhound. No animals were harmed shooting this footage.