Deathwing is dead!

We killed heroic Deathwing!

The straw that broke the dragon’s Spine

Last night on a classic Phalanx “last try” we killed heroic Spine of Deathwing! Great work from everyone that was there, a thank you to Diversity for sitting out, and a hug to Keldorn for thinking it was Sunday and missing the raid. We’re eager to get started on heroic Madness!

Mess with the bull….get SICK LOOT

Well..not really, I can’t complain about my new tier headpiece, but our druid tanks didn’t have much use of the shield.

So we killed Warmaster Blackhorn on heroic mode last night, which leaves us with just one boss to kill until Mists of Pandaria goes live, whenever that will be! Well okay, technically it’s two fights. I guess we have to show Deathwing who’s boss…twice!

Heroic Yor’sahj and Server Transfer

Last Monday we killed Yor’sahj on heroic mode!

The bigger news however, is that we have transferred to a new server: Auchindoun.

This server is so much more alive, we’ve already been having a blast!
The Phalanx-Kor’gall guild is still around, but you’ll notice almost all our activity is now happening on Auchindoun!


This last week has been intense. Some of us have been playing SW:ToR near nonstop, and managed to level up quite a bit! None of us had even a chance of keeping up with Keldorn, though. I got in together with Keldorn last Wednesday, in the afternoon. On Monday, about 2 hours before the Early Access ended, and the servers were about to go down to prepare for the official launch day, Keldorn hit level 50 as the first player on Republic side, racing past people who started a day before him.

Keldorn is a huge fan of RPG games, so don’t think he skipped all the dialogue! He watched, listened and read it all. Congratulations mate, very impressive!



Deathwings Demise

Tonight we came back to Dragon Soul and finished off Deathwing. We ran short on time last week, but now we managed to defeat him on our second or third try.

Now it’s time for the Star Wars release, Christmas and Newyears, before we dive head first into the heroic modes!

Here’s a shot of us chilling out with the dragon aspects.

Star Wars server assignment

We now know which server we have been assigned to!

Our home in the Star Wars universe will be “Hidden Beks”.

See you all there!

The Old Republic

Many of Phalanx’ members have had their eyes on Star Wars: The Old Republic for a while now. With the release in less than two weeks, and early access only 5 days away, the tension is getting pretty high.

Many current, but also inactive, members of our World of Warcraft guild will be giving SW:ToR a try. This is very exciting! Not only because it’s a new, interesting game to explore, but also because it’s the first game we as a guild are branching out to. Don’t worry, our WoW activities won’t be abandoned! We are eager to see where our guild is headed, in both games!


Star Wars: The Old Republic

With you, always.

Angyarr won’t have to be lonely anymore, for Tarecgosa is with him, always!

Congratulations on the legendary staff!


Phalanx needs you!

We are looking for one more player to fill our roster.

  • Balance druid, experienced with resto offspec

Take a look at our recruitment section for more information!