Majordomo Staghelm turned out to be a pussy.

After some tries last week, we made some small adjustments to our tactic last night, which proved all we needed to best Ragnaros’ new Majordomo.
We’re happy we got him before the nerfs went live!
Next week it’s time to start on the last 3 (nerfed) bosses!

Heroic progress

It’s been about a month since the last update, but that doesn’t mean we have been slacking!

We’ve been working on heroic modes, and farmed Shannox for a while now.
Last week we finished off Alysrazor, and yesterday Ryolith!

Too soon… and recruitment

Today Ragnaros chickened out after a 13% and a 15% wipe. Time for heroic modes next week!

Recruitment closed for the moment!

We are still looking for a few classes to join us for heroic Firelands!

We are currently looking for:

  • Shadowpriest with healing offspec
  • Balance druid, preferably with a usable offspec
  • Rogue

Firelands & recruitment

With Firelands just around the corner, we are very excited to finally step foot into a new dungeon full of challenges!

We are still looking for additional players to join us there! Every class will be considered, as we are always on the lookout for good players, but our greatest need at the moment is for a shadow priest, with a healing off-spec. If you’d like to know more about Phalanx, read the sticky posts on our recruitment forum!

Recruitment is Open!

We are currently considering all classes for recruitment. Join our ranks today!

Arena season 8

Some of the Phalanx members enjoy playing PvP combat once in awhile, however one of us actually managed to end up in the top 20 of our Battlegroup and therefor receive a Wrathfull mount and a title to go with it. Congratulations to Mohinder and his teammates Dragonkimber & Exeggutor for reaching the staggering rating of 2707 in their 3v3 team. (Incredible lame combo, i might add).

(Sorry for the blurry picture, i don’t know what’s wrong)

Phalanx interview: Fiido


A new interview today. Most of us will be pleased to just about read anything while staring at the loginscreen. I’m happy to tell you this is not just anything, it’s FIIIIDDDDDOOOO’s interview. Yesyes, one of the gnomes in Phalanx has honored us with this piece of literature. Withoud further ado, i give you Fiido!!

Ps: pictures will be added when the armory is off maintance again. Sorry for the troubles, until then i’ll add pictures i find on my PC!

The interview can be found here

Phalanx interview: Jeyne

Hello everyone!

It took awhile since the last interview but we are back with a new one featuring one of Phalanx’ most respected members. Jeyne, one of the older Phalanx members usualy is rather quiet but won’t be shy for a joke or adding some advise when discussing tactics. I honestly don’t know much more to say. Besides that he has a cool GF and looks horrible with a cooking-shirt.

I’ll let him do the talking!

The full interview can be found here!

PS: A reminder, if you comment on the homepage articles please use your login else they comment might get lost in the bot-spam!

Starcraft Section Opened

We are just a few final matches away to finish our first guild internal Starcraft2 tournament. Due to the big success and many people even outside the guild wanting to join in, we intend to open our next tournament for outsiders as well. And while we’re at it, we’ll also open our forum and move the guild one step further towards a gaming community which isn’t only playing WoW.

If you want to join in on the fun, you can request access to the internal forums.

Thanks to Flanks for organizing this tournament.

Phalanx interview: Moonweaver

Great news everyone! A week has passed since we explored the very depths of Keldorn’s physche and it’s time for a new person to share some information with us. This week i have the honor to present to you..Pigeo..Moonweaver! The guilds only Balance druid and lifetime “Noob of the Day”.

Discribing Moonweaver isn’t that hard. If you hear someone make silly comments on ventrillo, big chance it’s Moon. If you see someone make silly comments in raidchat, big chance it’s Moon. In general, if you see any silly jokes. It’s Moon! Other than that he’s a cheerfull fella, if you need a hand he’ll help you most of the time, as good as he can

Also i like his buffs. Let’s roll!

The full interview can like always be found here